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Billi Tech is a stepping stone to success. It holds the hands of the viewers and moves towards the path of success. Come and grow business with us, is the tagline of Billi tech; it means it provides a platform to its users. Users get great help by referring the website, and they get an idea to establish their business. Online marketing strategies are the key elements under Billi Tech, which helps to attract audiences. By using mobiles, laptop, and internet users get an idea to use online marketing campaigns like video production, Digital Marketing, SEO, Youtube marketing, social media, and web designing; these Platforms are easily available under Billi Tech. To make optimal use of it and succeed your business.

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YouTube Marketing

YouTube marketing is helpful in product advertisement. It helps in targeting more customers which is beneficial for increasing. YouTube has millions of people across all over India. Videos should be made attractive, hitting the goals of the client; it should be meaningful and simple. Too much- complicated videos are not liked by the customers, as they are not able to understand them.
The videos should be for the promotion of business should be made in such way, that they should be on YouTube. For more effective videos it should be titled. Selected keywords should be in the title only. The Video should be more descriptive so that it is understood easily. All the good keywords are in the tag area.
Design the videos in such a way, that it looks attractive. Different colors and design help in making more clients. More people get involved by getting references. To make YouTube liked by more people and spread to other countries is by making a blog on it. Once a new video is uploaded create a blog, keywords used should be good and effective, through this videos would be easily available in search engines. With the help of good and effective content, it will have more clients. Sharing through Facebook helps a lot, as Facebook has many audiences attached to it. YouTube is very simple and effective to grow business. Viewers get more interested in the product if it is on Facebook, the social networking site. As audiences are mostly on social networking sites, it helps them in knowing the product more closely.

Video Production

Video production helps in conveying the message more precisely. Through video, more people in business would be able to convey the message to the customers more easily
Videos are interesting and fun. It helps in increasing the interest of the consumers. Consumers understand videos as there is clear content. By watching videos, consumers also refer their friends to the merits. It helps in increasing viewers. Marketing has a great way to progress through Videos. It helps in positively stating the product. Uses and merits of the products are in videos. Consumers know usage without any difficulty; videos make work easy for clients.
If videos contain content which is full of information, formatting is good. Such videos are always on the top list of search engine. Videos on the top list of search engine help in solving the problems of the viewers. The most advantage of video production is that it gets mixed with audio clips. Videos contain music which helps consumers in understanding the video with entertainment. Due to good production technology video is useful in promoting the brand of the product.
One of the advantages of video production is that if videos contain good content and are meaningful, it will have followers. With the help of followers, it is on social media. Comments and feedback given by followers help in the betterment of product. Videos are also beneficial in lowering the cost. Since videos contain sufficient information, no hire is there for new people. Videos are far better than audios and diagrams. Videos are very helpful in spreading the business.

Social Media Marketing

Social media basically is used for promoting a product. Social Media helps in attracting attention through various social media platform. Social media helps in achieving the goals of the business which has several benefits to attract customers.
Writing good and informative content helps in increasing the brand of the product. More viewers would be impressed by the brand and quality of content. Social media helps in promoting the brand of the product leading to increasing awareness.brand contains good keywords and hashtags. It helps in targeting the audiences at a faster speed. Social Media is very helpful in increasing the audiences and converting them to the client.
Through social media, users come to know about the product more easily, usage of the product is very beneficial to them. The client gives their feedback and receives a response.This; creates positivity in them. They become loyal to the product. It is very important to research the audiences who are liking the product most adult, adolescence or old age. With the help of social media, it would be helpful. Proper analysis is required to target the audiences.
Networking sites are very helpful. It also helps in have interaction with the audience. Social media is also helpful in giving and receiving the feedback. In todays time people are gadget savvy. They come to know about the product through internet. Hence Social media is very beneficial in promoting the product. Social media installed in mobile phones helps in increasing large number of viewers.

Web Designing

Web design was successful in making its position after having mobile services.Web design helps to promote business and increase audiences. There is very much competition among various businesses. Web designing helps in attracting customers. More people who are mobile users are inclined to the product. Company while designing product keeps in mind that product may have connectivity through mobile. So there is a mass population connected to mobile. It helps in increasing business for that product.
A good website helps in increasing the audiences; they will give feedback and receive a response. Good design has a low cost of production. More viewers mean growth for the business. Different websites lead to additional cost.Hence good and effective design leads to lower cost. The responsive and effective design has less tension than creating several websites. Several website creations lead to tension and increase the cost of production.
Mobile users always incline for that web page which is easily opening. Websites which take longer time will lose interest in the minds of the mobile viewers. Websites should take less time, to increase audience. If the websites open easily without any problem, it will help in increasing the interest of the viewer. They will stick on the website for a longer duration. Different research is there for the product and viewers would share their feedback. Viewers access the website of the company through mobile phones, computers, and Laptop. If the technology used is advanced websites also need to be good in order competes in the market.


In recent times people search the products online through various services mobiles, tablets, computer, and laptop. There is a tendency in human to get the results on the first page of the search engine. There is so much competition that if the content is not good viewers would switch to another page.
The high-quality product and campaigning are through a search engine. The product success increases. There are more chances of increased viewers.
SEO helps in doing a brand endorsement for the product. If the content of the product is good, and we can search product on the first page of search engine. Viewers interest increases and they spend quality time on the product. They get a variety of information.
As the quality is good, content written is exact. Viewers are happy and satisfied. They share their feedback for the product and in return receive a response. Leads increases as viewers are satisfied with the product.SEO is very beneficial in attracting viewers. It helps in driving potential customers. It acts as a platform to connect both business and customers.
SEO has many benefits for the growth of the business. They act as a platform to support business management. It acts as a tool to fight against various competitions. SEO has long term investment planning, and its results are very good. It is the best tool for various businesses to present their products inefficiently. Good keywords help in the success of a business. SEO is beneficial is attracting its viewers.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is basically for marketing a product, on the internet and mobile devices. Digital Marketing has various methods such as search engine optimization, content marketing, campaign marketing, etc. Business has too many liabilities, advertisement expense, and marketing expense. Big Businessmen do not have much tension for bearing the cost. Small business has lots of impacts if the cost of production is high. So by spending fewer amounts and subscribing to email marketing lots of interaction takes place with the customers.
After spending lots of money on business, return on investment matters a lot. Digital marketing helps in getting a higher return by spending less. Giving advertisement campaigns and email marketing costs less compared to other marketing campaigns. Compared to other marketing campaigns, digital marketing is best. Through digital marketing, at the earliest results are known. E-mail marketing helps in tracking the records easily. How many people are interested, how many of them are potential clients.
If the add is having good performance, there are more chances to invest there. If the add is not performing good, it’s better to stop that add and focus on something else. Digital Marketing helps in making a judgment as it can view performance which add is doing well. In today’s scenario, too much competition exists. Digital marketing helps a lot to attain growth in business. Providing adequate information on the site helps to retain customers, as they get what they are looking. Email marketing is the process of knowing the potential people who become interested in becoming a client.

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I was very satisfied with using the platform under Billi tech, web designing helps in increasing the viewers. Through web designing, lots of people across worldwide gets attracted towards business. They find web designing useful to know more about the product.

Smriti Arora

Web designing also helps in lowering cost of production. Advertisement through media, television is very costly. Having a proper website increases the attention of audiences. They want to learn more about the product which has a good website.

Mohammad Danish

The most important benefit under Billi tech is that it has a large visual effect; It does not have any add. It helps in various search functions, which helps lots of audiences. Youtube marketing is very good and attracts lots of viewers. It is easy to use and understand.

Ram Singh

Billi Tech is an educational website; it is very beneficial for growing small-scale business. Most of the viewer’s today have internet, mobile, laptop and other gadgets. Platforms under Billi tech have video production, SEO, digital marketing, web designing, etc. Among the web designing the marketing campaigns helps a lot to attract audiences and grow business.

Jimmie Linley

It was a great experience with Billi tech, SEO marketing campaign offered by it is very good. SEO has millions of fans worldwide; it is great opportunity to grow the business by writing good content. Viewers get all information on what they are looking for, and they know how to use the product without spending any money on training.

Cathleen George

Under Billi tech, there is a mass opportunity to grow your business, through Social media marketing; there are lots of chances to have interaction with mass population. Viewers get sufficient information about the product and the get more interest in learning more by using SEO

Peppy Joseph

It was the very wonderful experience of using the platforms, under Billi Tech. Platforms offered like search engine optimization (SEO), and Digital Marketing was of great help for my business development. Through SEO, I used useful content which helped viewers to find a solution on the very first page.

Leis A. Donald